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Top players from around the USA and Canada gathered in Brigham City, Utah over Labor Day Weekend to compete for the largest cash prizes ever awarded at a pickleball tournament – a total of $48,000. There were two divisions, Masters, ages 18-49 and Legends, ages 50 and up.

Paddletek players came out on top with a total of 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 6, Bronze medals at TOC. In the Legends division, Scott Moore took top achievement by winning Gold in all three events. In Men’s Singles Legends he defeated longtime rival, Glen Peterson, with the new, USAPA approved, MAX-90 paddle. In Men’s Doubles Legends he partnered with Paddletek teammate, Scott Clayson, where they battled it out with Glen Peterson and Brian Staub for gold. In Mixed Doubles Legends, Moore and his teammate, Hilary Marold, beat out Alex Hamner and Scott Clayson to win Gold.

Jennifer Lucore and her longtime doubles partner, Alex Hamner, won every game in every match for an easily decided victory in Women’s Doubles Legends, they only lost 14 points during the day from a possible 88. Lucore celebrated her 50th birthday during the tournament. Lucore also took silver in Women’s Singles Legends, with Bonnie Williams receiving the Gold. Paddletek’s Laura Fenton Kovanda rounded out the event with a Bronze medal.

Honorable mention goes out to pickleball legend, Yvonne Hackenberg, and her doubles partner, Hilary Marold, who narrowly fell short of playing for the bronze in a 22-20 match with Bonnie Williams and Cami Shermerhorn. Hackenberg is the newest member of the Paddletek team.

In the Masters division Kyle Yates and Wes Gabrielsen easily took top honors in the men’s doubles event. Honorable mention goes to Daniel Moore who came in 4th place in a field of 22 competitors. Kyle Yates won silver in the Masters singles event while rival Marcin Rozpedski took Gold.

Christine McGrath, who won Gold in the Pro division of the US Open Pickleball Championships while 7 months pregnant, won Silver with Sarah Ansboury in Women’s Doubles Masters at TOC. Corrine Carr and Simone Jardim took Gold.

Irina Tereschenko won Bronze in all 3 Masters events. In Women’s Singles Masters she followed newcomer Lucy Kovalova who won Silver and Simone Jardim who won Gold. In Women’s Doubles Tereschenko partnered with her Paddletek teammate, Denise Dy, to win Bronze. In Mixed Doubles Masters, Teraschenko and Oliver Strecker won Bronze.

Four days of pickleball ended on September 5, the competition was the best pickleball has ever seen, this was truly a Tournament of Champions. Paddletek is proud of the accomplishments of team Paddletek at TOC.

Team Paddletek at TOC are: Denise Dy, Chris Miller, Matt Staub, Daniel Moore, Irina Tereschenko, Christine McGrath, Dave Weinback, Tyler Wren, Scott Clayson,Yvonne Hackenberg, Hillary Marold, Jennifer Lucore, and Stephane Lane Jay Juergens, Kyle Yates, Nate Ruesch, Laura Fenton, Scott Moore, Peter Hudchko, and Oliver Strecker