Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau is one of pickleball’s biggest rising stars. And with a pedigree like hers, that’s no surprise. She learned the game from Simone Jardim, her tennis coach at Michigan State University and a two-time triple crown winner. Since then, she’s built an impressive resume as an ideal doubles partner—winning gold at the 2018 USAPA Nationals with Leigh Waters, the 2019 Canadian Nationals with Athena Trouillot and Riley Newman, and the 2019 Chicago Open with Andrea Koop. Known for her quick hands and strong defense, Catherine knows exactly what it takes to secure the win and get better every time she plays at the game.

Gold Medals
US Open
USAPA Nationals

Play Like Catherine

Catherine’s Tempest Wave Pro complements her strategic playing style. The balanced weight increases speed and maneuverability, while Smart Response Technology adds finesse to every shot—giving her precise control on the court.

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