Pickleball's A-List: 38 Celebrities That Love the Game

We’ve all seen them pretending to be someone else on big screens, sweating it out on sports fields, and looking fabulous as they strut down runways or pout at us from magazine covers, but what do famous people do for fun and fitness when they aren’t “working”? Well, many of them play pickleball!

That’s right. Pickleball has seen an exciting surge in popularity recently, leaving many aching to join in on the fun. You've likely spotted the enthusiasm for the game, maybe even noticed a few familiar faces from the entertainment industry on the court. But who exactly are these famous pickleball enthusiasts, and why do they love the sport so much? The game that started in one family’s backyard on a Saturday afternoon has become so popular that it’s attracting A-list celebrities, business gurus, and sports stars to drop what they’re doing and pick up a paddle. Whether they do it for fitness or fun, these superstars are just as crazy about pickleball as ever, and then some.

Want to know who these icons are? Then keep reading for the full list of 38 celebrities you might run into on a pickleball court…

This pickleball celebrity list isn't just a tabloid-style piece. Instead, it's a testament to the universal appeal of the game. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, something is satisfying and joyful about playing pickleball. By highlighting some well-known figures who enjoy the game, we're hoping to further emphasize the reach, community spirit, and fun-filled nature of pickleball.

38 Famous Pickleball Celebs You Should Know About

In this article, we'll be unveiling a roster of 38 celebrities who can't resist the allure of pickleball. Whether it's on movie sets, in their free time, or at charity events, these stars are contributing to the widespread love for the game.

So stay tuned to see if any of your favorite celebrities made it to our pickleball A-list. Their passion might even inspire you to pick up a Paddletek paddle and hit the court!

1. Selena Gomez: Pickleball’s Pop Princess

Acclaimed singer, actress, and philanthropist, Selena Gomez found real fame in her role as Alex Russo in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. She was the first woman to cross 400 million Instagram followers, and she’s already at over 450 million, to become the most followed woman on the platform. As one of the most influential figures online, Selena is a respected figure in popular culture.

Gomez discovered pickleball several years ago and has been an active player ever since. The former Disney star has even invested in a pickleball business to help the sport grow.

2. Ellen DeGeneres: Dancing and Dinking

Iconic TV talk show host, producer, writer, and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres is most famous for her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has been on the air since 2003. Her longstanding success relies on her humor and engaging personality, and Ellen has befriended and interviewed countless celebrities and showcased talented individuals.

Ellen DeGeneres made history with her groundbreaking coming-out moment in 1997 when she publicly revealed her sexual orientation and became an influential LGBTQ+ advocate. Married to actress Portia De Rossi, the couple love playing pickleball together. Ellen describes herself as being “obsessed with pickleball,” and also plays the game with celebrity guests from her show.

3. Jim Berkus: Scouting for Talent and Pickleballs

Jim Berkus is a talent agent and one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. He co-founded the United Talent Agency (UTA) and has played a significant role in shaping the careers of many actors, musicians, and other creative professionals. Berkus knows how to find good talent, and he’s worked with some of the top names in the industry while brokering major deals and handling the negotiations.

Berkus knows how to negotiate off the court, but when he’s on the court he’s in it to win it. He enjoys playing pickleball and the social side of the sport and has even had coaching lessons with one of pickleball’s best coaches, Pickleball McNasty, to improve his game.  

4. Emma Watson: The Pickleball Enchantress

Emma Watson is a British actress, model, and activist, who gained worldwide fame for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. She rose to prominence as a child actress, captivating audiences with her talent. Nowadays, Watson is well-known for her active involvement in promoting gender equality and women's rights, including her role as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and her work launching the HeForShe campaign.

Watson loves playing pickleball and is often seen on a court, either playing for fun or for charitable tournaments.

5. Michael Phelps: The Pickleball Paddler

Michael Phelps is an American former competitive swimmer and one of the most celebrated athletes in Olympic history. He has won a record-breaking 23 Olympic gold medals, spanning four Olympic Games (2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016). Phelps holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals won by an individual athlete.

Throughout his career, Phelps set world records in various swimming events, showcasing his extraordinary talent and dominance in the sport. He established a total of 39 world records, further cementing his legacy as one of the greatest swimmers of all time.

Pickleball fever has hit Phelps, and he enjoys a game as an alternative sport to swimming and with other celebrities for a bit of a fun challenge.

6. Phil Keoghan: The Pickleball Pit Stop Champion

Phil Keoghan is a New Zealand-born television personality, producer, and presenter. He is famous for hosting the long-running reality TV show The Amazing Race since it began in 2001, and has guided contestants and viewers through countless global adventures and challenges.

After a near-death experience at the age of 19, Keoghan wrote down all the things he wanted to do before he died. He spent the next 20 years working on his Life List in front of the camera.

One of the things Keoghan loves to do is play pickleball. He’s so good at it that he never took a detour and crossed the finish line as the winner of a celebrity contest, with his pickleball partner and country singer Dierks Bentley.

7. Jenna Bush Hager: The Pickleball Storyteller

Jenna Bush Hager is a TV personality, author, and journalist. She’s also the daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush. She was a correspondent on NBC's Today Show, where she covered a range of topics including human interest stories, cultural events, and political news, and has also been a contributing correspondent on Dateline NBC.

Bush Hager loves pickleball, along with her entire family. In one interview, she revealed how they love to play pickleball on vacation. And her father, George W. Bush, has been seen in the crowds watching his brother, Jeb Bush, play pickleball with NFL star Drew Brees.

8. Drew Brees: The Talented Pickleball Passer

Drew Brees had an illustrious career as an American football quarterback. He is widely recognized for his time with the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League (NFL). Brees holds numerous NFL records, including the all-time career passing yards record and the most career completions. He led the Saints to their first-ever Super Bowl victory in 2010, earning the game's MVP award.

Brees describes himself as “an avid pickleball player, fan, and student of the game.” This must be true because he has even created a pickleball festival to benefit his foundation, the Brees Dream Foundation.

9. Jaime Camil: The Secret Life of Camil

Jaime Camil is a Mexican actor, singer, and television personality who is famous for his versatile career in both the Mexican and international entertainment industries. Some of his more recent work includes parts in Jane the Virgin, Duck Tales, and The Secret Life of Pets.

Between his busy schedule of being on stage, in theaters, and behind a microphone, Jaime makes time to play pickleball to keep fit and have fun.

10. Tig Notaro: The Funniest Lady on the Court

Tig Notaro is a stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and podcast host who often incorporates personal stories, including her battle with cancer, into her performances. She’s appeared in many TV shows and films, like Star Trek: Discovery. She’s also written several books and is an influential LGBTQ+ advocate.

Notaro enjoys pickleball and has been filmed on screen playing pickleball alongside Will Ferrell in a celebrity match.

11. Will Ferrell: The Pickleball Anchorman

Will Ferrell began his career on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. He has also starred in, and often co-wrote, movies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Step Brothers. Ferrell's films have achieved significant commercial success, consistently attracting audiences and grossing hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

Ferrell loves playing pickleball and brings his sense of humor to the court along with his paddle, which is exactly what we would expect from this funny man.

12. Aisha Tyler: Whose Shot Is It Anyway?

Aisha Tyler has a versatile career as an actress, comedian, author, and TV host. She co-hosted the CBS daytime show The Talk from 2011 to 2017, and she’s been seen in various TV shows and films, like Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds. And that’s not all – Aisha hosted Whose Line Is It Anyway? for three years, bringing her comedic skills and improvisational talent to the show.

Tyler loves pickleball and takes part in celebrity tournaments. She humorously describes pickleball as being “like playing ping pong, where you’re standing on the actual ping pong table.”

13. Kevin Love: Pickleball’s All-Star

Kevin Love is famous for his career as a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He gained recognition for his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Love is known for his exceptional rebounding skills, versatility on the court, and ability to contribute to scoring. He has been selected as an NBA All-Star multiple times and played a vital role in the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA championship victory in 2016.

And guess what… Love loves pickleball. He believes in the sport so much that he bought a Major League Pickleball team with his friend LeBron James.

14. Luis Guzmán: Plays Pickleball Any Day, Not Just on Wednesdays

Having spent 40 years in show business, Luis Guzmán is no stranger to most of us. Some of his roles in major films include appearances in Boogie Nights, Anger Management, and Yes Man. Luis is no stranger to TV either, with appearances in the Netflix show Wednesday, where he plays Wednesday’s dad, Code Black, Hightown, Narcos, and Frasier.

Guzmán enjoys a game of pickleball and even competed in the all-stars celebrity tournament Pickled, a charity event that was aired on TV.

15. Gary Vaynerchuk: The Digital Dink Master

Gary Vaynerchuk, commonly known as Gary Vee, is famous for his entrepreneurial ventures, motivational speaking, and expertise in digital marketing. He gained prominence through his online wine retailing business, Wine Library, which he transformed into a multimillion-dollar enterprise using digital marketing strategies. He is a prolific content creator, author, and speaker, sharing insights on topics such as social media marketing, personal branding, and hustle mentality.

Gary Vee also plays pickleball, often with other celebrities like Andre Agassi. He loves it so much that he’s invested in it and calls it the sport of the future.

16. Andre Agassi: A Pickler at Heart

Andre Agassi is often regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Agassi has exceptional tennis skills, a distinctive playing style, and a colorful personality. He took eight Grand Slam singles titles, an Olympic gold medal, and multiple ATP Tour titles during his career.

These days Agassi is often seen on a pickleball court playing pickleball with other celebrities and in tournaments for fun. One of his most famous pickleball games was with fellow tennis stars John McEnroe, Andy Roddick, and Michael Chang.

17. June Diane Raphael: Pickleball Wars

Actress, comedian, writer, and producer June Diane Raphael is probably best known for her recurring roles in popular sitcoms like Parks and Recreation and Grace and Frankie. She has also appeared in films like Bride Wars and Cheaper by the Dozen. She started her comedy writing and performing career at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a renowned improv and sketch comedy group in New York.

This funny lady is often seen playing pickleball on TV, in celebrity matches. She keeps her sense of humor both on the field and off the field and continues to make fun of the game and its tools and techniques in interviews and on social media.

18. Kelly Rowland: The Pickleball Survivor

Kelly Rowland was a member of the iconic R&B group Destiny's Child alongside Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams. After leaving one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, she took a hiatus before launching a solo music career with several albums.

Rowland has pursued acting and TV projects alongside her music career and was seen in films like Freddy vs. Jason and Think Like a Man. She’s also been a judge on the UK version of The X Factor and The Voice Australia.

Rowland enjoys playing pickleball and the more competitive side of this team sport, but as she says, “The outfit is cute but you’ve got to put the work in.”

19. Billie Eilish: The Pickleball Songbird

Billie Eilish’s music style blends elements of pop, alternative, and electronic music, characterized by haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and a dark, atmospheric sound. She gained acclaim for her whispery vocals and emotionally raw storytelling in her breakthrough debut single Ocean Eyes. She’s been given many accolades for her music, including multiple Grammy Awards, and was the youngest artist ever to win the four major Grammy categories—Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist in 2020.

Eilish has been seen on social media playing around on pickleball courts with her friends.

20. Brian the Dog: The Pickleball Pooch

Brian Griffin is a fictional dog from the animated television series Family Guy. He’s highly intellectual and well-read, and he’s the voice of reason in the Griffin family.

In season 16, episode 5, Brian plays a game of pickleball against his opponent Gene Porterfield. Porterfield wins the match, but Brian, being the smart hound that he is, files a grievance against Gene for wearing marking shoes on the court. Porterfield gets kicked out, and Brian becomes the pickleball consolation ladder champion.

21. David Dobrik: The Ace of Vlogs

David Dobrik is a YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator. He became well known for his comedic vlogs and sketches on YouTube, which often features his friends and fellow creators. Dobrik's videos are fast-paced, funny, and full of lighthearted pranks. He has a large following and is recognized for his energetic and engaging personality.

Dobrik is public about his passion for pickleball and has posted on social media platforms: I LOVE playing pickleball! He’s a strong player, and his competitors have been quoted as saying they need to pull out all the tricks when facing him on a pickleball court.

22. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Pickleball Street

Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as one of the most talented and acclaimed actors of his generation, and a strong environmental activist to boot. He delivered some of his most memorable acting performances in Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which supports environmental causes and initiatives, and he spends time raising awareness on climate change, deforestation, and other ecological challenges.

DiCaprio is a huge fan of pickleball, and there’s even a rumor that he won’t do any filming early in the day until after he’s had a chance to play pickleball.

23. George Clooney: Leading Man Loves Pickleball

George Clooney has starred in many successful movies, like the Ocean's Eleven series, Syriana, Up in the Air, and The Descendants. Clooney's acting has earned him several awards, including two Academy Awards. He co-founded the production company Smokehouse Pictures, and he has directed and produced several films, such as Good Night, and Good Luck, The Ides of March, and Suburbicon.

Clooney loves playing pickleball and is such a fan that he and his wife, Amal Clooney, built a pickleball court in their backyard. But Clooney complains that he never seems to be as good at sport as his beautiful wife…

24. Amal Clooney: The Pickleball Legal Eagle

Amal Clooney, wife of George Clooney is a highly respected human rights lawyer, with a focus on international law and human rights issues. She has represented clients in several high-profile cases involving human rights abuses, freedom of speech, and justice.

Clooney plays pickleball with her husband and other celebrities, where she’s said to be so good that she “kills her husband,” winning about four games out of every six that they play against each other.

25. Matthew Perry: One of Pickleball’s Friends

Actor and comedian Matthew Perry is probably best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular television sitcom Friends. Perry's comedic timing and sarcastic delivery made Chandler one of the most beloved characters on the show. Perry has also appeared in various films and TV shows, like The Whole Nine Yards, 17 Again, and The Ron Clark Story.

In addition to his acting career, Perry has ventured into writing and producing. He co-wrote and starred in the sitcom Mr. Sunshine, and served as an executive producer for several projects.

Matthew Perry loves playing pickleball with his friends and even has a pickleball coach to train him.

26. Tyson Apostol: The Pickleball Tribe Has Spoken

Tyson Apostol is a reality TV star known for being on the CBS show Survivor multiple times. He won the game on this third attempt, Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Apostol went back on the show again after that, and has also appeared in other reality TV shows like The Challenge: USA and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 2.

Apostol is a huge fan of pickleball and loves playing the game. He calls himself Pickleball’s top trendsetter and posts a lot about the sport on social media, where he explains moves and motivates players to play like champions. Apostol’s fast becoming a pickleball influencer in his own right.

27. Drew Barrymore: Pickleball’s Flower Girl for a Day

Multi-talented Drew Barrymore is an actress, producer, director, and entrepreneur. As a child actress, Barrymore starred in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). She went on to act in numerous films, including The Wedding Singer, Charlie's Angels, and 50 First Dates. She also hosts The Drew Barrymore Show, where she engages with guests, shares inspiring stories, and reviews up-and-coming trends.

Barrymore founded her own production company, Flower Films, which has produced several successful movies, including the Charlie's Angels series and Donnie Darko. She has also directed films and TV shows, like Whip It and Santa Clarita Diet.

While Drew doesn’t play pickleball in her spare time because she claims to not be a very good athlete, she did try playing the game on her show with her co-host to see what all the fuss is about.

28. Dr. Brené Brown: The Daring Dillball

Dr. Brené Brown is famous for her work as a research professor, author, and public speaker. She has gained widespread recognition through her TED Talk titled The Power of Vulnerability, which has been viewed millions of times. Her research on vulnerability, courage, empathy, and shame has led to numerous bestselling books, including Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and Braving the Wilderness.

Dr. Brown claims to be obsessed with pickleball and says she plays at least four to five times a week if she can. In one of her social media posts, she writes: I hope you get to do something that brings you joy this weekend. For me, joy + play = pickleball.

29. Cindy Crawford: Pickleball’s Runway Sweetheart

Cindy Crawford found fame in the 80s and 90s as the supermodel with a trademark mole above her top lip. She graced the covers of many fashion magazines, like Vogue and Cosmopolitan, walked the runway for top designers, and became the face of various iconic brands, like Revlon, Pepsi, and Versace.

Crawford has since expanded her career and launched her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, with products that maintain youthful and healthy skin.

Crawford and her family love playing pickleball with each other and their friends. When the pandemic hit and there were lockdowns, the family added a pickleball court to their home so they could keep on playing the game. She calls the court a blessing and says it brings people together in a fun way.

30. Annika Sörenstam: Pickleball’s Putting Princess

Annika Sörenstam is considered to be one of the greatest female golfers in history. Throughout her career, Sörenstam won numerous championships and smashed records. She won 72 LPGA Tour events, including 10 major championships, and was ranked as the world's number-one female golfer for 60 weeks.

Now retired, Sörenstam enjoys playing pickleball with her friends and loved ones. She loves sharing pictures on social media of her games, and calls her husband her “partner in life, and in pickleball.”

31. Amanda Peet: The Screen Queen Who Loves Pickleball

Amanda Peet has played diverse roles in film, television, and theater. She has starred in movies like The Whole Nine Yards, Something's Gotta Give, Identity, and 2012. She has also earned critical acclaim for her performances on TV, in shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and the legal drama The Good Wife. Peet has also written and produced plays, including The Commons of Pensacola, which was performed off-Broadway.

Amanda Peet is sporty and loves playing pickleball. She walked into a TV interview one day with her arm in a harness and the presenters asked her what had happened. Peet started laughing at the irony as she told the story that she’d given herself a “tennis” elbow by playing “pickleball.”

32. Bill Gates: The Tech Giant's Pickleball Passion

Co-founder of one of the world’s leading tech companies, Microsoft, and billionaire philanthropist through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates is a global revolutionary. He transformed the personal computer industry and is one of the wealthiest people in the world today.

Bill Gates has been playing pickleball for five decades. His father was friends with pickleball’s creators, and the Gates family was one of the first to play the game.

Bill Gates was often seen playing pickleball with his ex-wife when they were still married, and he continues to play with friends and other tech industry leaders.

33. Serena Williams: Tennis Star’s Second Love Is Pickleball

Serena Williams is a legendary American tennis player and the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, making her one of the most successful players in tennis history. Williams has also captured numerous doubles and mixed doubles titles, often partnering with her sister Venus Williams. Her powerful playing style, combined with her mental strength and determination, has made her a formidable force on the tennis court.

Serena discovered pickleball as a fun alternative to tennis and now loves playing the game with friends and her sister. She says she’s very glad the game is so popular and can be played pretty much wherever she goes.

34. Brian and Veronica Grazer: The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

Brian and Veronica got married in 2002. He’s an American film and television producer, and she’s a philanthropist and businesswoman. Together, they have been involved in various ventures and collaborations in the entertainment industry.

Brian is best known for co-founding Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard, where they have produced many successful films and shows, including A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, and the TV series 24.

Veronica is an active philanthropist and has served on various boards and committees. She has contributed to causes related to education, arts, and health.

The couple plays pickleball for fun with their family and friends. They’ve been seen posting on social media about enjoying a game of pickleball after meals with their children, and they have quite a few kids when taking their biological children and children from previous marriages into account.

35. Jamie Foxx: The Triple Threat on the Court

Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented actor, comedian, singer, and songwriter. Foxx won an Academy Award for his portrayal of musician Ray Charles in the biographical film Ray. He has also delivered memorable performances in several films, like Django Unchained, Collateral, Ali, and Baby Driver. Foxx has released several music albums that cross genres, like R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

It’s no secret how much Jamie Foxx loves pickleball, and he plays the game every chance he gets.

36. Jillian Michaels: Smashing Her Way to the Pickleball Top

Fitness trainer, TV personality, and author Jillian Michaels is best known for her role in the reality TV show The Biggest Loser. Michaels helped contestants on the show to transform their bodies and adopt healthier lifestyles. She has authored several books on fitness, nutrition, and self-improvement, and has appeared on various talk shows and fitness-related programs to inspire people to prioritize their health and well-being.

One of the ways Michaels stays fit is by playing pickleball. She is competitive by nature, and a pickleball game is no exception. Michaels likes winning, even if it means arguing with and making her girlfriend’s elderly parents lose the game.

37. Owen Wilson: Pickleball Crasher

Owen Wilson is known for his roles in many successful films, including Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Night at the Museum, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Marley & Me. Wilson has a distinctive voice, comedic timing, and a charming on-screen presence.

Wilson has also caught the pickleball bug. He was convinced to give the game a try by others who told him how much fun it is. Once he got on a pickleball court and realized that there wasn’t a steep learning curve and he was quite a strong player, he was hooked. Wilson’s been playing ever since, and he’s known for his catchy smack talk phrase: That’s how you pepper a steak.

38. The Kardashians: Keeping Up With the PickleDashians

The Kardashians are a famous American family best known for their reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They gained widespread fame and attention through the show, which debuted in 2007 and documented their personal and professional lives.

The family, led by matriarch Kris Jenner, includes her children Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie. The Kardashians have built a business empire, with ventures in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. They are known for their strong social media presence, influential style, and their ability to generate headlines and public fascination.

One thing the Kardashians do enjoy is pickleball, and they have been seen playing against each other on their show. Kim also used pickleball to wave a white flag and make friends again with her sister’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson, who she had been fighting with.

Kylie Jenner, the youngest daughter, has a pickleball court in her backyard, which was there when she bought the house.

Drawing the Curtain on Pickleball's Celebrity List

Drawing the curtains on our star-studded list of pickleball lovers, it's crystal clear: the magnetism of pickleball knows no bounds. From high-profile influencers and revered athletes to charismatic film stars and glamorous models, pickleball transcends the usual barriers, inviting everyone to partake in the fun. Whether they're lighting up our screens or filling up our news feeds, these celebrities share a common affinity for this dynamic game.

It's not just a casual game to them; it's a way of life, of bonding, of stirring up competition against peers, family members, or even in their downtime on movie sets or vacations. Let's face it, jobs in the limelight can be demanding and pickleball seems to offer that sought-after balance. An unlikely blend of personalities – from reality TV stars and YouTube content creators to respected legal professionals and titans of industry – are all seen rallying around the pickleball net.

They might have diverse career paths, but when it comes to leisure, they often reach for the same thing: a pickleball paddle. Echoing the sentiments of Ryan Seacrest, there's no doubt that pickleball is indeed taking the world by storm. It's not just a game; it's a movement that's sweeping across every corner of every industry, charming everyone in its wake.

So, perhaps you're thinking about dipping your toes into this growing trend. Or maybe you're a seasoned player looking to elevate your game to an A-list level. There's an ocean of Paddletek gear to explore that could help in achieving just that. It's not about jumping headfirst into the deep end, though. It's about staying informed, keeping up with the game's nuances and updates, and learning from the best in the field - so if you're not quite ready to commit, you can still stay on the pulse of the pickleball world by subscribing to Paddletek's newsletter.

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