About us

Paddletek began with an intense passion for Pickleball and a vision to create innovative high performance Pickleball paddles.  Superior quality and performance remains the standard with every paddle we craft today. 

Founded in Scottsdale, AZ by Cody Smith in 2010, Paddletek moved production to Niles, Michigan not long after his brother Curtis Smith joined the company.  Since those humble beginnings, Paddletek has grown to become a brand leader in the sport with revolutionary innovations that completely changed the pickleball paddle market by enhancing performance and the Pickleball experience.  

Paddletek technology can be found in over 80% of the premium paddles sold today.  Team Paddletek crowds medal stands at professional Pickleball tournaments all over the world.  Family owned and operated, Paddletek continues to innovate with three main priorities:  performance, quality and customer service. 

We at Paddletek love Pickleball, we love our customers, and we love what we do.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. 

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