Mastering the Backhand Roll in Pickleball: Tips & Techniques

You also know that a dink exchange is merely a test of which side is more patient, resisting the urge to go for the point every shot and instead choosing to wait for the right opportunity. For the moment that opportunity strikes, a backhand roll might just be the right weapon to have in hand.

How Do You Defend in Pickleball? 9 Tips

If you find yourself constantly playing pickleball from the defensive side, then we'd argue you aren't playing defensively. Playing defensively is ultimately a tool for regaining control of a rally, not to be confused with struggling to keep the ball in play. Read on to learn how.

Skyrocket Your Beginner Skills With 18 Pickleball Drills

Boost your beginner pickleball skills with 18 dynamic drills for an unforgettable learning experience.

Master the Split Step in Pickleball with This Guide

Looking to improve your pickleball game? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to mastering the split step! Perfect your split-step technique and gain a competitive edge on the court. 

No More Pop-Ups! How to Keep the Ball Low in Pickleball

There are few things more annoying in pickleball than your mind going in for a low drive or dink only to find your body went with a pop-up instead.

3 Mistakes You Didn’t Know Cause A Pickleball to Pop Up

Whether you've played 2 games or 2 decades of pickleball, you know the frustration that comes with pop-ups. It's unfortunately common that hitting the ball with the best intention of keeping the ball low to the net somehow results in a pop-up that turns into a putaway for your opponent. Although…

5 Reasons You Should Keep the Ball Low in Pickleball

Keeping the ball low ranks high for obvious tips, but there's more to it than meets the eye, and it's certainly easier said than done. While we're certain you could guess at least one reason to keep the ball low in pickleball, there are several you may have not considered but should know. 

Pickleball World #1 Anna Leigh Waters Re-Signs with Paddletek

World Number One professional pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters has extended her partnership with U.S. paddle manufacturer, Paddletek, and will continue to compete in professional pickleball events with her signature Paddletek paddle. “We are honored to continue our relationship with Anna Leigh…

How to Prevent The 5 Most Common Pickleball Injuries

Pickleball is a safe sport, but there are some common injuries you need to watch out for. With a little extra care, you can avoid aches and pains while playing the game you love. There are 5 injuries that new and seasoned pickleball players alike should be aware of, including:

Is Pickleball a Good Workout?

Whether you’re 8 years old or 80, you can play a match with relatively little risk of injury. Few sports are as welcoming as Pickleball, which makes you wonder if it’s a good workout. Pickleball can be a good workout since it is a form of high-intensity interval training. Quick intense points…

7 Pickleball Shots That Will Take You from 3.5 to 4.0

Mastering a wider mix of shots and knowing when to use them is how a player becomes more proficient at pickleball. If you're a player whose pickleball journey is stalling at 3.5 but your ambitions are pursuing a 4.0 rating, then we have 7 shots that just might help get you to the next level.

Is the Two-Bounce Rule the Same as the Double Bounce Rule?

In just about every ball sport you can imagine that relies on your hands, you'll almost always find some rule about how many times the ball can bounce. For many, this rule applies to two bounces. But in pickleball, the sport has a two-bounce rule as well as double-bounce stipulations…

Pickleball Paddle Basics: Power vs. Control

Whether you’re an experienced veteran with multiple paddles or a beginner looking for your first, odds are you found this guide because you’re doing some online shopping for a new pickleball paddle. Some of the terminology out there can be inflated and confusing...

Why Pickleball Paddle Materials Matter and How to Choose

The first pickleball paddles were crudely constructed out of wood in a workshop by one of the co-founders of the game. Since the 1960s, pickleball paddles have come so far, especially regarding innovations in materials. But which materials are available and how do you choose?

How and When to Effectively Use A Pickleball Lob Shot

The lob shot gets called a lot of different things - sky shot, pop up, sky ball, moon ball, high floaty ball, etc. Okay, maybe nobody refers to it as the high floaty ball, but with a matter of certainty, nobody talks about this well-known and often nicknamed shot as much as they should.

5 Fundamental Strategies When Dinking in Pickleball

In pickleball, dinking is an art of the soft game. It's an exercise in finesse, control, and patience. And that's usually where new players get tripped up. Every dink looks like an opportunity to take the rally to them...

9 Tips to Improve Pickleball Volleys

No matter how you play pickleball, you won't climb the ladder without mastering the volley. This is true of singles but even more so for doubles since play often comes down to the kitchen and the net.

Pickleball Kitchen Rules: Separating Fact from Fiction

The beauty of playing pickleball is how quickly someone can learn the basics, begin playing, and more importantly, start having fun. This is thanks in large part to a set of simple rules and common mechanics. But there's one glaring exception… the kitchen…

Pickleball Singles Strategy: 5 Tips to Improve Your Game

If you’re looking to level up your singles pickleball game, there are plenty of ways – but where do you start? So many strategies, so little time! Focus on key tactics that will ensure a victory now and keep refining the rest as you go. Here are 5 can’t-miss singles pickleball strategies…

The Best Pickleball Serve: A Look at How the Pros Serve

Is there a better way to learn how to serve than by watching the pros play? We don't think so. We challenge you to watch a pro play, paying special attention to how they serve - you'll notice consistent form, speed adjustments, and how they stay unpredictable. That said, you might wonder, what…

11 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Pickleball Paddle

Is there really a difference between pickleball paddles? That's one of the most common questions asked about pickleball paddles, and it most often comes from new players. So, in short, here's the answer.

A Beginner's Guide to Buying the Best Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek knows performance pickleball paddles better than anyone, which is why we're going to walk you through the process of buying a paddle. Don't worry, we'll leave the sales pitch out of this guide and focus strictly on helping you understand a few key elements of buying a pickleball paddle. 

We Found the Perfect "City: Pickleball Team Name"

Choosing an awesome pickleball team name is no easy feat; you need skill and imagination. So to get you over the creative hump, we've prepared a few things for you. 

Set Up for Success: 5 Tips for Pickleball Beginners

With so many rules, strategies, and techniques, pickleball can sometimes be intimidating. This is usually the result of getting too many opinions and nice-to-haves around the sport. What you need are fundamentals that can help you take your pickleball game to the next tier.

Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleballs: 5 Major Differences

To an outsider, pickleballs might seem like Wiffle balls and to a beginner, a pickleball might seem like a commodity where every ball is the same. But, a pickleball is quite different from any other ball, and there's a wide range of options of pickleballs to boot, such as indoor and outdoor. So…

How Do You Build Endurance for Pickleball? 7 Ways to Improve

No matter how skilled you are, a lack of endurance can hurt your performance. If you’ve ever had a strong start in a pickleball game then faded away and lost in the end, you know the importance of endurance. To keep your skills sharp and feet quick, you should spend some time off…

The 5 Best Warmups to Boost Your Pickleball Performance

If you're thinking about stepping onto a pickleball court when you’re cold and stiff, think again. Whether you’re playing in a tournament final or just running some drills at the court down the street, you should always warm up before you start. Even though pickleball is a low-impact sport, you…

Pickleball Scoring for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

You win! Or do you? Staying on top of your pickleball score as a beginner can be difficult, especially when you’re tracking the score in doubles pickleball. What are the basic scoring rules you need to know? Here are the basics of pickleball scoring for beginners: pickleball games are typically…

The 8 Basics of Pickleball for Beginners

Trying to cram in every pickleball rule at once can be tough, but taking the rules one at a time and starting with the basics? Now that’s a solid strategy for understanding the game. What are the basic rules of pickleball to know? Here are the 8 basics of playing pickleball: 1. You can play…

5 Key Strategies to Become a Better Pickleball Player

Whether you’re just getting started in the pickleball game or you’ve been honing your skills for a while, there are always ways to take your game to the next level. From focusing on technique to mastering tactics, every player should be eager and willing to explore strategies that will help them…