Kyle Yates

Growing up, Kyle Yates always knew he’d be a professional athlete one day. He just didn’t know it’d be in pickleball. But after his uncle introduced him to the sport, Kyle quickly became known as a leading player, and he was one of the first in the world to go pro. From winning gold in men’s doubles 19+ at his very first USAPA Nationals to amassing a total of six pro titles at the US Open and four at the USAPA Nationals, he’s proved again and again that he’s at the very top of the game.

US Open
Gold Medals
USAPA Nationals
Gold Medals
USAPA Nationals

Play Like Kyle

Kyle’s impressive hits get an extra boost thanks to the performance of the Bantam EX-L. Our advanced Bantam PolyCore delivers the driving force behind its explosive, yet controlled hits—maximizing his power with every swing.

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